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NP Early 20th Century Freight Pack

Models of Early 20th Century 36' and 40' Boxcars, 33' Tankcars, 41' Flatcars, 31' and 34' Hoppers and a Caboose

The NP Early 20th century freight pack picks up where the previously released NP 19th century pack left off and brings you several new models to run in your Train Simulator 2013. You can pick from: a 40' double sheathed boxcar and a 36' double sheathed boxcar, 33' tankcars in single-dome and quad-dome versions, 41' flatcars with several selectable loads, 31' rib-side 50t hoppers, 34' offset-side 55t hoppers, and a 24' caboose wearing the classic NP red caboose paint scheme.

The Set Includes:

NP Early 20th Century Freight Pack

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