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April 15, 2020:

The Budds are back! The VNHRR RDCs are now again available. And two new versions, ARR and WP, have joined the fleet!

January 25, 2020:

The first two scenarios for the GN Hi-Line: The east- and westbound 1955 Empire Builder are now available on the Scenarios downloads page.

January 24, 2020:

A backdating kit for the Montana Hi-Line is now available on the Scenery downloads page.

December 12, 2019:

New tweaks for the GP5/7/9 and SD7/9 locomotives: all engines now have braking physics similar to DTG locomotives. Brakes should now feel more responsive, which is something many were complaining about.

November 20, 2019:

Great Northern passenger GP7 and GP9 locomotives are now available. These are the famous 'torpedo tube' versions of the Geeps. They have been included in the main download archive, if you have already installed it earlier you can simply redownload and reinstall it to get the new models.

Attention Windows 10 / Edge Users:

Microsoft's Edge Browser appears to come without the option to manually save files to your hard disk (via right clicking the link and selecting "save target as...". What prompted Microsoft to dumb down their new browser so much I cannot say, but it does have the effect that you might have some trouble downloading the many .rwp files from this website. My advice is to either use a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, some other browser), or to read some more here if you want to stick with Microsoft's own browsers:
Microsoft Community Post 1
Microsoft Community Post 2

Visit the Virtual New Haven RR Blog

The VNHRR has a blog to post screenshots and brief information about new developments.

Visit the Golden-Age-Rails Blog

I also have a blog to post screenshots and brief information about new developments at Golden Age of Railroading.

Custom add-ons for Train Simulators

On this website you can find several add-ons for the MSTS and Railworks train simulator games. Among them are various rail vehicles, scenery models and scenarios. Most of the models are based on prototypes from the steam or early diesel eras — the golden age of rails!

Railworks Legacy Rail Vehicles

On this website you will also find some of my older add-ons for Railworks 3 (Train Sim 2012). These should work right "out of the box" for anybody who had the older instalments of the Railworks game, namely Train Sim 2012 or before. Users who did not have this game before they got the new Train Sim 2013 will need the contents of the US Community Assets Pack, which you can get here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/208306/. Please note that the contents of this asset pack are bundled with several DLC routes, so you might not have to buy it seperately!


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